Woodbees Restaurant Review

A couple of days ago, my sister Sylvie and I tried out Woodbees restaurant located on the Zalka highway.

We ordered the quinoa salad as a starter. It included white quinoa, cucumber, dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, grilled halloumi cheese coated in oregano and was served with a Dijon lemon dressing. The salad was a nutritious bowl of quinoa; simple but tasty.


Known for being “the house of sandwiches” we ordered the chicken shawarma sandwich and the Proscuitto and Brie to share.

All their meats are grilled using a special grilling technology through an automatic grill designed especially to cook a variety of meats and vegetables simultaneously. With this automatic grill, Woodbees claims to always guarantee fresh, quick, and consistent meals. The chicken shawarma was ok, as I felt like some of the chicken was overcooked and hence dry. The homemade garlic sauce though had an original taste.


As for the prosciutto brie sandwich, I am usually not a fan of mixing sweet with my salty food, but the combination of the blueberry compote went well with the cheese.The sandwiches were filling and the whole grain Woodbees bread was crunchy and tasty.


We also had the Parmesan Truffle Fries, golden fries seasoned with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese, on the side to accompany the sandwiches. Although Tasty, the combination was dry and the Parmesan cheese kept falling off and was difficult to eat.

Concerning the deserts, I was very disappointed. We ordered the Mango delice and the Chocolate Layer Verrine that looked mouthwatering on the menu. Regardless to say that all the previous platters had no sign of presentation, the deserts looked like they were prepared in advance and came in plastic containers as if they were ordered to go.


All in all, it was a simple wholesome meal, which could benefit from some creative presentation and some additional ingredients to make it more satisfying and memorable.

IMG_0378 (6)


Bent el Sultan Restaurant


F&B state owners of Set El Hosn, Beit Ward, and Breadberry celebrated the opening of their latest cuisine, an Authentic Lebanese fusion restaurant located in Verdun on May 17, 2018.

A concept inspired by the sultanates era, the restaurant exhibited a beautiful architectural interior as well as many oriental details. Bent El Sultan is not your typical Lebanese restaurant so don’t go with the intention of ordering the same traditional dishes we always have. Although I prefer staying in my comfort zone and ordering the usual; I attempted to try a bit of everything.

Dinner first began with pumpkin soup, beautifully placed inside the pumpkin and served by the waiter. The pumpkin soup was simple and savory.

Pumpkin Soup

The hummus and baba ghannouj came afterwards, each having a very beautiful and unique design. Their hummus was excellent, just delicious.  I’m known for having a hummus obsession; my family sometimes calls me “Imm Hummus” which means mother of Hummus!


Salads came next, you might be thinking about Tabbouleh and Fattouch. Well no, we had everything but that. We had kale & pomegranate salad, quinoa salad, and Sultan salad. The Kale salad was my favorite, it is served with parsley and rocket leaves.

Quinoa Salad and fresh pineapple juice

Every dish that was placed on the table came with a detailed explanation by the waiter, informing us about the name of the dish and what it included. This detail made the dining experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Kale Salad

More cold mezze kept coming our way such as fried cauliflower with yogurt, yes the combination sounds weird, but it was pretty good. The cauliflower was spicy and dipped in Greek yogurt with homemade butter and spices.

When it comes to the hot appetizers my favorites were the Fatirat Al Kaisar and the Hassan Basha.

The Caesar Pie (Fatirat Al Kaisar) is a pie stuffed with meat and pine similar to Lahim b 3ajeen. The meat was very juicy and the 3ajeen was super soft.

Fatirat Al Kaisar

The Hassan Basha is a mouthwatering oven-roasted kafta balls with potato, tomato sauce, and cheese.

Hassan Basha - kafta
Hassan Basha

After tasting all these, the main course arrived. We tried the Shish Taouk and the Shish Fish. Surprisingly, the shish taouk was not the usual chicken breast pieces; on the contrary it was chicken thigh pieces which make it juicier, softer, fattier, and yummier.

It was a lovely meal with intricate tastes and delicate twists on Lebanese favorites. The ambiance was set for a sultan as its name implies and the fabulous company made for a memorable evening.