Strawberry Blossom Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Here it is, my second smoothie bowl recipe. It will only take up to 10 min of preparations!

According to Best Health Magazine, strawberries help boost your immunity, promote eye health, is rich in antioxidant properties, reduce inflammation and more.
Ingredients needed:
8-10 small strawberries
1/2 cup of almonds or walnuts or any other nut of your choice
1/2 mango
1 small banana
1/2 cup of almond milk
1 tea spoon of raw cacao powder or chocolate protein powder (optional)

Procedure: [The quantity used creates two small smoothie bowls]

Add ½ a cup of nuts of your choice into the blender;  almonds are my personal favorite. Peel and cut 1 mango into pieces and add 1/2 of it. Add a small banana. Add the strawberries. Pour in ½ a cup of almond milk or any type of milk. Finally add a pinch of spices of your choice such as cinnamon, raw cocoa powder, or even some protein powder. Blend all together for a few minutes until smooth.
Once smooth, pour into a cup or bowl and add toppings. I usually like the toppings to be the ingredients used within the smoothie. So in this case, I topped my smoothie bowl with mango slices, banana, raw cocoa powder, and I added some oatmeal.
If you like your smoothie on the go and not in a bowl, then add a little more milk to make it smoother and blend for a little longer.

Eyes on Diabetes

Today, November 14, is World Diabetes Day.

Because someone I love has diabetes, I’ve joined efforts together with The National Diabetes organization (@dialeb) for the past 6 years as their youth coordinator to raise diabetes awareness and prevent its complications.

My number is 96 , #Whatsyournumber? 

Dialeb was founded in 2011 by Dr. Jackie Maalouf and Mrs. Sylvie Issa. Dialeb’s main mission is to help those affected with diabetes, not only health wise but also on the moral level, creating support groups and spreading the awareness all over Lebanon.

In these 6 years, Dialeb has visited over 36 schools; around 40 universities (some universities are visited more than once); and over 50 municipalities across Lebanon.

We proudly announce that Dialeb will very soon be announced as an official member at the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

According to the IDF, approximately 415 million people, worldwide are affected with diabetes. This is actually quite a large number.

Many studies have shown that lifestyle changes can help prevent the development of type 2 diabetes and other diseases. General recommendations include:

  • Regular sleeping patterns
  • Eating healthy and moderately
  • Exercising regularly
  • Qutiting smoking

Finally, I would like you to join me on Saturday at Hilton Beirut for Dialeb’s 6th annual fundraising gala dinner. It is the only event of the year that helps us raise funds for the NGO. Get your tickets by contacting me or by contacting the office at + 961 1 88 88 74 or by email to


Don’t forget to follow Dialeb on Instagram and Facebook for daily nutritional and health tips 🙂


Oman trip with Semsom

After being nominated as the Beirut Hummus Ambassador 2016 along with Yasmina Audi (@supermom_blog); Yasmina and I were given the opportunity to discover Oman and judge the Hummus Games – Oman Edition (Check out all about the Hummus Games – Lebanon edition – and our winning recipe: here).

Day 1:

Upon arrival, we spent our first day touring the city of Muscat where we checked out the beautiful Grande Mosque, the opera house, the traditional Souk: “Souk Mutrah”, the beach, and of course the malls for some quick shopping! I loved the different arches and architectural designs that the entire country is made up of.

Opera House – Muscat

At night, after a long day of touring, we joined the Semsom team and enjoyed a delightful Lebanese dinner at Semsom’s first branch in Oman.


Day 2:

The second day was the busy fun day that we were waiting for. We were honored to be present to attend a lunch to celebrate the opening of the second Semsom branch at Shatti Al Qurum.

Happy Faces after a yummy lunch!

After the opening, the team began decorating and re-organizing the layout of the restaurant in preparation for the Hummus Games! Several bloggers came excited to share their own hummus recipes. It was very interesting to see how different cultures add their own unique tastes and spices to our traditional Lebanese hummus. It was my first time playing the role of a judge and it was an honor to be alongside Christine Sfeir (@casfeir) – CEO of Semsom and Anthoy Rhayel (@nogarlicnoonions) – Food expert and founder of Lebanon’s Street food market: Souk el Akel.

Decorating for the Hummus Games
Let the judging begin

After tasting several different hummus, the winners were announced! Congratulations to Rupali and Kalpita for their yummy and creative hummus dish 🙂

Thank you Semsom for a lovely getaway and for giving me the opportunity to experience a new culture and judge the Hummus Games – Oman edition. May you continue making us proud and spreading the Lebanese Cuisine across the globe!

I can’t wait for next year’s Hummus games 🙂

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My 2 Day Detox Experience with Succo

For all of you wondering what a detox is and why I decided to try it out myself, this post is dedicated to you! I warn you this post is going to be long because I will be sharing with you my full detox experience (during and post).

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@beirutfitness) and Snapchat (Christinem961) then you probably know that I just finished my first detox cleanse in collaboration with Succo Beirut. For the past 2 days (Monday and Tuesday) I’ve been living on juices and water; NO food. I’m sure you guys know how much I love food; I usually plan my days around food, what time are we going to eat, where are we going to eat, what to eat…

As I’ve mentioned earlier on some social media platforms, I’ve never done any type of detox cleanse before, so I decided to give it a try and allow my digestive system to have a break. I only wanted to do one day because I was sure I wasn’t going to be able to stay without food, but the team at Succo kept motivating me and assuring me that I would be able to complete more than a one day detox plan.

Therefore, together with Succo, we chose the Beginner package for me to try. I was told to eat light and have no alcohol, one day prior to the detox. I was actually very worried about this detox, especially because it’s something new; I didn’t know what to expect!

According to SuccoBeirut, “our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins which can overwhelm our natural coping mechanisms,” and the detox cleanse allows us to give it a break and get back on track. The one day cleanse consists of 6 cold pressed juices. I woke up on Monday, drank water and went to Succo,on my way to university, to pick up my juices. It was one of the few times I left the house without having breakfast (P.S. breakfasts are one of my favorite meals!). Here’s a list of the juices and what each was made up of.

Green 3

Juice #1 – Cacao Almond Mylk: Almond milk, dates, cacao and chia seeds

Juice #2 – Carrot Cleanse: Carrot, apple, lemon, and ginger

Juice #3 – Green 3: Apple, cucumber, spinach, lemon, broccoli, and ginger

Juice #4 – Beet water: Pineapple, apple, beetroot, lemon, and filtered water

Juice #5 – Green 2: Pineapple, cucumber, spinach, kale, broccoli, lime, and celery

Juice #6 – Cinnamon Almond Mylk: Almond milk, dates, cinnamon, and chia seeds

Carrot Cleanse

Overall the juices tasted sweet, my favorites were the Carrot Cleanse, Green 3, and Beet water juices.

Throughout the 2 detox days I did not work out, since I was only living on around 950 calories I already felt tired and drowsy,so exercising was not a good idea.

The first morning I felt extremely hungry, my stomach was used to having a good healthy breakfast. I had a mild headache, however within a few hours I got used to the feeling. In the afternoon, I regained some of my energy and felt better. The urge to eat had gone away but what I missed was chewing. I felt the detox to be more of a psychological test that involved patience and will power. I am having all the nutrients I need so I’m not supposed to be hungry; it was just the idea of not eating solid food that kept roaming around in my head. As the first day finished, I felt better than I expected so I spoke to Succo team and decided to do a second day. Surprisingly, I felt even better; I did not have my full energy back but my body had adjusted to this change. I also drank lots of water along with the juices and I’ve never visited the restroom this many times in just 3 days 😛

I was so happy and proud of myself for being able to withstand the smell of food and not cheat throughout the detox. However, I really did not want to do the 3rd day. On Wednesday I had decided to eat, and have the juices as healthy snacks. I have been regaining my energy and eating slowly in order to get my digestive system back working!

I assure you it wasn’t easy, it was a challenge for me. If you are looking to give your digestive system a break, give it a try!

It is important to keep in mind that each body is different and you might experience other side effects during a detox! Also, remember to always check with your doctor if you are taking prescribed medicine or you have any medical condition before undergoing a detox.



Mango Sunrise Smoothie – Recipe

I’ve always seen smoothie bowls all over my Instagram home page and although I knew that they are super easy to make, I never seemed to take the initiative and try making my own smoothie mixes.

So here it is my Mango Sunrise Smoothie, it’s a delicious mix that only takes up to 10 minutes of preparation.

Ingredients needed:

½ cup of almonds

1 mango

1 small banana

½ small avocado

½ cup of almond milk

1 tea spoon of raw cocoa powder


[The quantity used creates two small smoothie bowls]

Add ½ a cup of nuts of your choice into the blender (you can mix two types of nuts such as walnuts and almonds); I chose almonds for this smoothie. Peel and cut 1 mango into pieces. Add a small banana. Peel an avocado and add half of it into the blender. Pour in ½ a cup of almond milk or any type of milk that you happen to have at home. Finally add a pinch of spices of your choice such as cinnamon or raw cocoa powder. Blend all together for a few minutes until smooth. (If the smoothie happens to not be very cold, add a few ice cubes into the blender and blend until the ice cubes are crushed). Once smooth, pour into a cup or bowl and add toppings. If you’re in a hurry then pour into a cup and drink it on the go. But if you are feeling creative, pour it into a smoothie bowl and decorate the top with toppings. I usually like the toppings to be the ingredients used within the smoothie. So in this case, I topped my smoothie bowl with avocado slices, mango pieces, banana, and raw cocoa powder.



Stay tuned for some more smoothie recipes soon!

PS: don’t be scared of experimenting and trying to make your own smoothie recipes (I suggest using not more than 2-3 types of fruits).

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“Fit Hummus”: the Winner of #TheHummusGames 2016

Exactly a year ago, at the Hummus Games Season 1, I met Yasmina and her kids after being in touch on social media for a while. Little did I know that this was going to be the start of a wonderful friendship!

The Hummus Games Season 2 took place last night at Semsom, Citymall. Ever since I was a child, I have been obsessed with hummus. Whether it was a Lebanese lunch or just any type of lunch, hummus would always be available. My mom would even call me “Imm Hummus” (mother of hummus) … and she still does. In the recent years, with all the new twists and fusions that restaurants have come up with to change the traditional Lebanese cuisine, I still enjoy my hummus the traditional way; plain and delicious.

Well, here comes the challenge, at least to me; Semsom wanted each team to create a new Hummus while using Semsom’s signature hummus as a base and adding any ingredients and spices to it.

So, Yasmina and I teamed up and created our “Fit Hummus”.

We were given only 10 minutes to get the ingredients we needed from “the Market”. Everyone was running around getting the necessary ingredients to create the perfect hummus (it felt like we were on the Master Chef Television show). The market then closed, and the timer was set to 15 minutes.

Chaos at the Market Place

Each team was trying to make the best hummus in this short period of time. When the time was up, we all presented our hummus creations to the jury and awaited the response.

Minutes later, Anthony Rhayel (Founder of No Garlic No Onions) and Christine Sfeir (CEO of Semsom) had finished judging and they chose 3 finalists.

To our surprise, our “Fit Hummus” won the competition! We were awarded the Hummus Ambassador trophy as well as a trip to Oman Hummus Games, and free daily hummus in all Semsom stores Worldwide all year long. I seriously can’t wait to discover Oman with the Semsom team and attend the Oman Hummus Games 😀 Good luck to all the participants in Oman! See you very soon 🙂



Now I know you are all waiting for our secret recipe, so here it is. Our Hummus recipe is very simple; all you need are three ingredients to add onto the traditional hummus:

  • A handful of crushed walnuts
  • A handful of crushed pistachios
  • ½ pomegranate

These ingredients were then mixed into the hummus. The individual pomegranate pieces were squeezed a bit during the mixing process in order for the sourness of the pomegranate to penetrate the mixture.


Thank you Beiruting for all the lovely photos!

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Succo now open in Jemmayzeh!

On Tuesday September 20, Succo Beirut celebrated the official opening of it’s second branch in Jemmayzeh, Pasteur road (facing Monop supermarket).


A while back, I visited their main branch located in Ramlet el Bayda and tried out some of their organic cold pressed juices, surperfood smoothies, and healthy bites! Succo Beirut is a great place to go to when looking for some healthy yet savoury snacks and juices. They offer a wide variety of detox cleanse packages that range from 1 day up to 5 days.


Succo Juicery is orginially a brand that was incepted in 2013 and lunched in February 2014 in the United Kingdom by a couple  who were looking to set up a shop that sells fresh cold pressed juices  as well as healthy salads. (click here to know more).

Succo’s goal is to provide nourishing clean fuel for the mind, body, and spirit. “We serve pressed juices which provide face more nourishment and health benefits than traditional methods of juicing.”

Stay on the lookout for #BeirutfitnessXsuccoBeirut !

Protein Balls
Wheat Grass and Carrot Cleanse Juices

Discovering Khan Al Saboun in Tripoli

On Sunday September 18, a group of social media influencers, journalists and more hopped on a Pullman and went on a road trip to explore the Eco Village of Bader Hassoun.


Since 1480, Khan Al Saboun has been known for its natural oils and soap production. In 1990, Dr. Bader Hassoun became the founder of the eco-village that exports its natural and organic products to many countries around the world.

Upon arrival, guests were divided into groups, each led by a different tour guide. My first stop was the relaxing foot massage that consisted of natural sea salt, olive oil, and other organic herbs. The foot massage was then followed by a short but superb neck and shoulder massage given by professionals in the field. The massage made my day! It was exactly what I needed to soothe my shoulder and upper back pain. I can’t wait for their eastern spa to open in order to indulge in a full body massage and therapy!


The eco-village was filled with food stations that included the traditional Lebanese ice cream stand, the halawa and sweets stand, the fresh corn on a cob stand, and the traditional lunch made up of live BBQ grilling accompanied by some fatoush, tabbouleh, and hummous to give you the true village experience!

After the massage came some tea and then we discovered the main area where all the decorative natural soaps and essences are produced. We were told about their royal collection that consists of the love charm collection, the oud sultani collection, and the oud mixture collection (made specifically for the non-oud lovers). There is nothing better than treating your skin right and providing it with organic and natural products so I also took advantage and enjoyed a quick facial 🙂

Handmade soaps of all sorts of colors and shapes were on vivid display.


Some interesting facts about the Eco village include:

  • It has been recently placed, on August 10th 2016, on the international diplomacy and touristic map of the world
  • In 2014, Lebanon beat Germany in creating the most expensive soap made up of Gold and Diamond. This achievement sustained Lebanon a place in the Guinness world book records 2014

They are building an organic restaurant as well as a boutique hotel, a spa, and a retreat center. I will definitely be back for some more massages once the entire project is complete!



To stay updated, check out their website here!

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Beirut Fitness X Kusmi Tea


As you know, Kusmi Tea was present at the Beirut Fitness turns 2 event offering, delicious and nutritious iced-tea tasting.

Kusmi Tea is a French brand of tea that was created in 1867.

According to, the tea plant belongs to the Camellia Sinensis family and originates from China. This is also where the leaves started to be used as the basis for a drink. The tea plant is an evergreen tree which grows in tropical or sub-tropical regions. In the wild, the tea plant can reach 10 – 15 metres tall, but to make it easier to harvest its leaves, it is pruned to a height of about 1.10 metres from the ground. It has a lifespan of around forty years.

Recently, I have tried both the BB Detox and the Detox tea. Both have a fruity, light, and unique taste. The BB detox, is a delicious mixture of green tea, maté, rooibos, guarana, and dandelion, flavored with a hint of grapefruit.The Detox tea is simpler, including a blend of maté, green tea and lemongrass.

Kusmi Tea BB Detox

Ever since I tried the tea, I developed a tea habit and have been drinking tea almost every morning. Although it’s summer and I don’t usually like drinking hot fluids in summer, sipping the tea slowly just makes you feel so light especially when bloated.

For the tea lovers, if you haven’t tried out Kusmi tea, I recommend you do!They have a wide range of unique flavors such as black, green, floral, fruity, spicy and much much more.

Check out the link ( to know more about them, you can also find their stores at both ABC dbayeh and ABC ashrafieh!




6 Tips to boost your health :)

  1. Make the best out of every situation you face

The mind is a powerful tool. Many studies have shown that positive thinking can affect health. When you are stuck in a certain situation, there is no point in wasting time regretting the past and neglecting the present. Face the situation and try to make the best out of it. I’m not saying that this is something easy to do, but you are capable of overcoming anything in order to reach your goals. And remember, it’s just a phase!


  1. Never Skip Breakfast!

One of my favorite meals of the day is breakfast. Whether I woke up really early or very late, I never leave the house without having eaten. Having an early meal fuels your body for the day and minimizes the chances of overeating during later meals.


  1. Exercise Regularly

Any type of physical activity is a plus for your health. Integrate some easy steps to get a little more active, like parking your car a little farther, taking the stairs, carrying your own groceries… Take the initiative and choose to try something new and fun with your friends. Join a dance class or try yoga or simply commit to being gym buddies. Joining a gym or new class gives you an opportunity to meet new people and enhances your mood. I exercise because it makes me feel good!

Trying out Aerial Yoga Class
  1. Do more of the things that make you happy

According to Oxford Dictionaries, the definition of being happy is when an individual feels or shows pleasure and contentment. Doing more of what makes you happy helps release your stress and increase your positive vibes.

  1. Drink more water

Your body is made up of approximately 60% water. Drinking more water helps keep your skin hydrated. I sometimes tend to forget to drink water but I attempt to always carry a bottle of water with me wherever I go in order to at least drink 1.5-2 liters of water daily.

  1. Meditate from time to time

From time to time, spending some time alone simply doing nothing is all you need. Allow yourself some “me time”, enjoy the sunset from your balcony, or find a quite spot at a park, or mountain, and go there and be still from time to time. Escaping the hustle and stress of the day to day can help relieve stress and re-energize you.