Reviving an Old Habit: Coloring

Colors bring life, or at least to me, they do!
Summer and vibrant colors are my favorite, I actually feel depressed when it’s not sunny.
Anyways back to the main point, I have always been a fan of coloring however, as I grew older and started spending less time at home, my coloring habits started decreasing.


Although I took a few art classes in school, I never learned how to draw or properly color using paint or water colors. Therefore, this still remains an ambition I hope to achieve one day.

Today, adult coloring has become increasingly popular.

Few months back, my best friend Gaelle told me about this little bar she went to in Tabaris that offers you coloring pencils, markers and different coloring sheets. I loved the idea, so we decided to go to Joon on the Moon on a rainy Sunday. What better than sitting in a cozy little place with your best friend, coloring and listening to the sound of the rain pouring.

They say that colors reflect your mood, and here is my first painting, the one I colored at Joon on the moon where the colors show my happy mood.


When it comes to coloring supplies, Sharpie is what I use. Since childhood they have been my all time favorite markers. I remember buying their jumbo multicolored pack from Costco around 4 years ago and have not used them much. What’s nice about this brand is that as soon as I used them, this year, it felt as if I was opening them for the first time. They were moist and not dry, not one bit!

According to research, it has been proven that coloring releases stress, relaxes your body and soul, and boosts your mood. While I was coloring, I was unconsciously more than consciously solely focusing on the drawing, the colors I wanted to use, how I wanted to color… So you end up zoning out of the world and find yourself in a peaceful little place.

Ever since that day, I printed few mandalas from Google and started coloring during my free time or even at times when I was down.

Owl Mandala image found on Google, I absolutely enjoyed coloring this image!

I attended another coloring event held at minus 1 where I decided to upgrade and paint the wooden, bigger sized, Mandala (supplied by Aryan Art Collectors) shown below.

Adult wooden Mandala

If you haven’t tried coloring, it’s never too late to try! It will help you remember the child in you. Self reflection and relaxation are key elements for a happy and healthy soul. If you share the same hobby, feel free to share a picture in the comment below 🙂

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