Weekend Stay At Raouche Arjaan by Rotana

There is nothing better than packing your bags, getting a breath of fresh air, and just focusing on yourself for a couple days! My mom and I started the month on a positive note with a relaxing weekend stay at the Raouche Arjaan Hotel. Raouche Arjaan is a 4-star hotel located in the heart ofContinue reading “Weekend Stay At Raouche Arjaan by Rotana”

Reviving an Old Habit: Coloring

Colors bring life, or at least to me, they do! Summer and vibrant colors are my favorite, I actually feel depressed when it’s not sunny. Anyways back to the main point, I have always been a fan of coloring however, as I grew older and started spending less time at home, my coloring habits startedContinue reading “Reviving an Old Habit: Coloring”