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Weekend Stay At Raouche Arjaan by Rotana

There is nothing better than packing your bags, getting a breath of fresh air, and just focusing on yourself for a couple days!

My mom and I started the month on a positive note with a relaxing weekend stay at the Raouche Arjaan Hotel.

Raouche Arjaan is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Beirut overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean sea and the raouche rocks (also known as the Pigeon Rocks). It is a short distance from Hamra, downtown Beirut, Beirut Souks, as well as the airport.

We were given the suite up on the 10th floor. It had a large space that included a living room, dining table, a small kitchen and a bedroom. The suite included two bathrooms, a guest bathroom near the entrance and a large bathroom inside the room that included both a bath tub and a standing shower.IMG_5181Depending on what you are looking for, you can choose from a wide category of rooms and apartments (You can check all the categories here)

We were welcomed with some refreshing rose water drinks as we checked in on Saturday around noon. The team was so kind to have prepared for us a nice journey to discover the hotel and spend some quality mother-daughter time away from home.

Upon our arrival to our suite we were surprised with the cutest gesture! Two personalized towels were placed on our bed with a letter. The letter explained the activities that were going to take place throughout the weekend.

We started off with a relaxing massage at the spa where we were surprised with some dark chocolate with nuts snack.

Post – Massage happiness!
Breathtaking view of the Raouche Rocks from our suite

We spent our afternoon on the roof enjoying the breathtaking view with some sunset drinks.  We then had a light international dinner under the stars with the October breeze. During dinner, they sent over a special selection of healthy snacks that included quinoa on toast, smoked salmon on toast, labne and more, as an appetizer.

Enjoying the sunset with some wine and some healthy appetizers (Chef’s choice)

After dinner, it was very nice of them to surprise my mom with a birthday cake; knowing that her birthday was coming soon. (PS: The cake was simply DELICIOUS!)

Quality time with my mommy

One of my favorite things about staying at a hotel is the breakfast buffet! For those of you who still don’t know, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

We woke up the next morning, had a small photoshoot in our beautiful suite, enjoyed the view from our balcony and although we were soo tempted to order room service, I was super excited about the breakfast buffet downstairs!

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The breakfast buffet had a rich variety of items that included the typical continental breakfast, items from the Lebanese breakfast (foul & hummus), a variety of eggs, some pastries, and a selection of fruits.

During breakfast, another letter was sent to us along with some pouched eggs (which are to be ordered a la carte) on whole wheat bread with a side of veggies.


In house guests as well as the public can enjoy the breakfast buffet everyday starting 6:30 am till 11:00 am for $22/person.

After a few hours we passed by the gym for a bit,

and then enjoyed the rest of the day taking advantage of the sunny weather and tanning by the pool on the roof.

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Several cute letters were sent to us throughout the day. Every time I went to a different location of the hotel, I was anxiously waiting to see the next surprise.

Before our checkout, the team had booked us an appointment at the hairdresser to finish our pampering weekend on a good note!

All the cute letters I received from the Rotana Team throughout the weekend !

Thank you Rotana for the superbe hospitality and for hosting my mom and I. We can’t wait to be back!


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Reviving an Old Habit: Coloring

Colors bring life, or at least to me, they do!
Summer and vibrant colors are my favorite, I actually feel depressed when it’s not sunny.
Anyways back to the main point, I have always been a fan of coloring however, as I grew older and started spending less time at home, my coloring habits started decreasing.


Although I took a few art classes in school, I never learned how to draw or properly color using paint or water colors. Therefore, this still remains an ambition I hope to achieve one day.

Today, adult coloring has become increasingly popular.

Few months back, my best friend Gaelle told me about this little bar she went to in Tabaris that offers you coloring pencils, markers and different coloring sheets. I loved the idea, so we decided to go to Joon on the Moon on a rainy Sunday. What better than sitting in a cozy little place with your best friend, coloring and listening to the sound of the rain pouring.

They say that colors reflect your mood, and here is my first painting, the one I colored at Joon on the moon where the colors show my happy mood.


When it comes to coloring supplies, Sharpie is what I use. Since childhood they have been my all time favorite markers. I remember buying their jumbo multicolored pack from Costco around 4 years ago and have not used them much. What’s nice about this brand is that as soon as I used them, this year, it felt as if I was opening them for the first time. They were moist and not dry, not one bit!

According to research, it has been proven that coloring releases stress, relaxes your body and soul, and boosts your mood. While I was coloring, I was unconsciously more than consciously solely focusing on the drawing, the colors I wanted to use, how I wanted to color… So you end up zoning out of the world and find yourself in a peaceful little place.

Ever since that day, I printed few mandalas from Google and started coloring during my free time or even at times when I was down.

Owl Mandala image found on Google, I absolutely enjoyed coloring this image!

I attended another coloring event held at minus 1 where I decided to upgrade and paint the wooden, bigger sized, Mandala (supplied by Aryan Art Collectors) shown below.

Adult wooden Mandala

If you haven’t tried coloring, it’s never too late to try! It will help you remember the child in you. Self reflection and relaxation are key elements for a happy and healthy soul. If you share the same hobby, feel free to share a picture in the comment below 🙂