Leftover Veggie Noodles

Always wonder what you’re going to do with all those veggies in your fridge?⁣
Do you always end up forgetting about the veggies & throwing them away after they rotten.⁣

Well this is the perfect recipe for you:⁣
LEFTOVER VEGGIE NOODLES with Michele from Defical⁣.

1. Open the fridge, choose any veggies you have!⁣
2. Place them in a pan
3. Add spices (black pepper, salt) + soy sauce + teriyaki
4. Add some olive oil and bake in the oven for about 30 min (I like the veggies to be soft & not too crunchy)⁣
5. In the meantime cook your noodles.⁣
6. Mix everything together et Voila!⁣

This also works perfectly with rice instead of noodles. ⁣
You can also add some protein (chicken, meat or shrimp) on the side if you’d like! ⁣

This recipe was inspired and done with the leftover veggies used for the Healthier veggie pizza⁣.

Until next time,

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