Discovering Khan Al Saboun in Tripoli

On Sunday September 18, a group of social media influencers, journalists and more hopped on a Pullman and went on a road trip to explore the Eco Village of Bader Hassoun.


Since 1480, Khan Al Saboun has been known for its natural oils and soap production. In 1990, Dr. Bader Hassoun became the founder of the eco-village that exports its natural and organic products to many countries around the world.

Upon arrival, guests were divided into groups, each led by a different tour guide. My first stop was the relaxing foot massage that consisted of natural sea salt, olive oil, and other organic herbs. The foot massage was then followed by a short but superb neck and shoulder massage given by professionals in the field. The massage made my day! It was exactly what I needed to soothe my shoulder and upper back pain. I can’t wait for their eastern spa to open in order to indulge in a full body massage and therapy!


The eco-village was filled with food stations that included the traditional Lebanese ice cream stand, the halawa and sweets stand, the fresh corn on a cob stand, and the traditional lunch made up of live BBQ grilling accompanied by some fatoush, tabbouleh, and hummous to give you the true village experience!

After the massage came some tea and then we discovered the main area where all the decorative natural soaps and essences are produced. We were told about their royal collection that consists of the love charm collection, the oud sultani collection, and the oud mixture collection (made specifically for the non-oud lovers). There is nothing better than treating your skin right and providing it with organic and natural products so I also took advantage and enjoyed a quick facial 🙂

Handmade soaps of all sorts of colors and shapes were on vivid display.


Some interesting facts about the Eco village include:

  • It has been recently placed, on August 10th 2016, on the international diplomacy and touristic map of the world
  • In 2014, Lebanon beat Germany in creating the most expensive soap made up of Gold and Diamond. This achievement sustained Lebanon a place in the Guinness world book records 2014

They are building an organic restaurant as well as a boutique hotel, a spa, and a retreat center. I will definitely be back for some more massages once the entire project is complete!



To stay updated, check out their website here!

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