Yoga Media Gathering at StayBridge Hotel

On Thursday May 11, StayBridge Suites,located in the heart of Verdun, invited media personalities and bloggers for a relaxing morning yoga session on their rooftop, located on the 23rd floor. The view of Beirut from the rooftop is simply breathtaking, I won’t talk about it much; I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The yoga session was not an ordinary vinyasa or hatha yoga class. It was a Qigung class lead by Mrs. Gini Ghaziri from Soul Spa yoga center. Let me start off by telling you that Mrs. Ghaziri has been teaching yoga for the past 40 years. Her energy, experience, and attitude towards life made the class extraordinary.

The class included a lot of breathing techniques, light movements, guided meditation, and most importantly lots and lots of positive energy.



For those of you wondering what Qigong actually means. Qigong comes from the words qi, meaning energy, and gong, meaning work or effort. Qigong, like yoga, incorporates postures, movement, meditation, and breath-work. However, it adds a component of visualization and refined energy awareness, trying to understand your body, the flow of energy and the breath.

I’ve always had trouble when it comes to focusing on my breathing while in a yoga class, or even in a fitness class. I tend to forget to breathe properly when I’m focused or trying to get the move right however, breathing is, in most of the cases, even more important than actually getting the move right.

Ending the class with guided meditation and breathing


Qigong movements are also generally more fluid, more subtle, and typically easier for people with physical limitations. In order to know more about Qigong, click here

Group Picture!!!


This unique yoga session was then followed by a healthy homemade breakfast, refreshments, and some networking.


Thank you Stay Bridge Hotel for this beautiful morning spent with lovely people. There is nothing better than taking some time away from reality, finding your inner peace, and re-energizing.

PS: I’m definitely coming back to this rooftop for more pictures! 😀

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Gapfit launches its SS17 Collection in Lebanon


On Thursday April 6th, Gap Lebanon organized an event at their Beirut Souks branch where they invited bloggers and media to discover the launch of their latest sportswear line, Gapfit.

With the rising trend of fit-fashion and ath-leisure, looking fashionably fit and comfortable is what most of us want. I’m the type of person that spends most of their time in sportswear. I used to be a “jeans” type of person up until I started working out, a couple of years ago. Leggings then suddenly became my favorite day to day pick. Whether I am going to my friend’s house, grocery shopping, or even to university; you will always see me wearing my colorful leggings.

Since summer is right around the corner; many people start to think about how they can improve their body and health just before bikini season starts. So, the event included an interactive workshop on “How to follow a healthy diet at Work and at Home” given by dietitian and food blogger, Nicole Maftoum (@Eatlikenicole). Nicole gave the attendees some practical tips and tricks that will help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and boosting your mood. It is very important to know that exercise and nutrition work hand in hand. (Check out my previous blog post for some useful tips on how to start your fitness journey: here)

Nutritional Tips given by Nicole

The event was also catered by Qi Juices who offered a variety of healthy treats and snacks as well as fresh cold pressed juices to boost our energy in preparation for the outdoor yoga session.

Colorful and Yummy food set up by Qi Juices
I had the Green detox juice, which one would you choose?

After exploring the collection, the event ended with a beautiful outdoor power yoga given by Sara Moubarak (@sara_sutra) and some giveaways!


So, here are a few pictures of the collection; don’t forget to pass by Beirut Souks and check out the full collection!

With the beautiful @arwatmofficial
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“Fit Hummus”: the Winner of #TheHummusGames 2016

Exactly a year ago, at the Hummus Games Season 1, I met Yasmina and her kids after being in touch on social media for a while. Little did I know that this was going to be the start of a wonderful friendship!

The Hummus Games Season 2 took place last night at Semsom, Citymall. Ever since I was a child, I have been obsessed with hummus. Whether it was a Lebanese lunch or just any type of lunch, hummus would always be available. My mom would even call me “Imm Hummus” (mother of hummus) … and she still does. In the recent years, with all the new twists and fusions that restaurants have come up with to change the traditional Lebanese cuisine, I still enjoy my hummus the traditional way; plain and delicious.

Well, here comes the challenge, at least to me; Semsom wanted each team to create a new Hummus while using Semsom’s signature hummus as a base and adding any ingredients and spices to it.

So, Yasmina and I teamed up and created our “Fit Hummus”.

We were given only 10 minutes to get the ingredients we needed from “the Market”. Everyone was running around getting the necessary ingredients to create the perfect hummus (it felt like we were on the Master Chef Television show). The market then closed, and the timer was set to 15 minutes.

Chaos at the Market Place

Each team was trying to make the best hummus in this short period of time. When the time was up, we all presented our hummus creations to the jury and awaited the response.

Minutes later, Anthony Rhayel (Founder of No Garlic No Onions) and Christine Sfeir (CEO of Semsom) had finished judging and they chose 3 finalists.

To our surprise, our “Fit Hummus” won the competition! We were awarded the Hummus Ambassador trophy as well as a trip to Oman Hummus Games, and free daily hummus in all Semsom stores Worldwide all year long. I seriously can’t wait to discover Oman with the Semsom team and attend the Oman Hummus Games 😀 Good luck to all the participants in Oman! See you very soon 🙂



Now I know you are all waiting for our secret recipe, so here it is. Our Hummus recipe is very simple; all you need are three ingredients to add onto the traditional hummus:

  • A handful of crushed walnuts
  • A handful of crushed pistachios
  • ½ pomegranate

These ingredients were then mixed into the hummus. The individual pomegranate pieces were squeezed a bit during the mixing process in order for the sourness of the pomegranate to penetrate the mixture.


Thank you Beiruting for all the lovely photos!

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Succo now open in Jemmayzeh!

On Tuesday September 20, Succo Beirut celebrated the official opening of it’s second branch in Jemmayzeh, Pasteur road (facing Monop supermarket).


A while back, I visited their main branch located in Ramlet el Bayda and tried out some of their organic cold pressed juices, surperfood smoothies, and healthy bites! Succo Beirut is a great place to go to when looking for some healthy yet savoury snacks and juices. They offer a wide variety of detox cleanse packages that range from 1 day up to 5 days.


Succo Juicery is orginially a brand that was incepted in 2013 and lunched in February 2014 in the United Kingdom by a couple  who were looking to set up a shop that sells fresh cold pressed juices  as well as healthy salads. (click here to know more).

Succo’s goal is to provide nourishing clean fuel for the mind, body, and spirit. “We serve pressed juices which provide face more nourishment and health benefits than traditional methods of juicing.”

Stay on the lookout for #BeirutfitnessXsuccoBeirut !

Protein Balls
Wheat Grass and Carrot Cleanse Juices

Discovering Khan Al Saboun in Tripoli

On Sunday September 18, a group of social media influencers, journalists and more hopped on a Pullman and went on a road trip to explore the Eco Village of Bader Hassoun.


Since 1480, Khan Al Saboun has been known for its natural oils and soap production. In 1990, Dr. Bader Hassoun became the founder of the eco-village that exports its natural and organic products to many countries around the world.

Upon arrival, guests were divided into groups, each led by a different tour guide. My first stop was the relaxing foot massage that consisted of natural sea salt, olive oil, and other organic herbs. The foot massage was then followed by a short but superb neck and shoulder massage given by professionals in the field. The massage made my day! It was exactly what I needed to soothe my shoulder and upper back pain. I can’t wait for their eastern spa to open in order to indulge in a full body massage and therapy!


The eco-village was filled with food stations that included the traditional Lebanese ice cream stand, the halawa and sweets stand, the fresh corn on a cob stand, and the traditional lunch made up of live BBQ grilling accompanied by some fatoush, tabbouleh, and hummous to give you the true village experience!

After the massage came some tea and then we discovered the main area where all the decorative natural soaps and essences are produced. We were told about their royal collection that consists of the love charm collection, the oud sultani collection, and the oud mixture collection (made specifically for the non-oud lovers). There is nothing better than treating your skin right and providing it with organic and natural products so I also took advantage and enjoyed a quick facial 🙂

Handmade soaps of all sorts of colors and shapes were on vivid display.


Some interesting facts about the Eco village include:

  • It has been recently placed, on August 10th 2016, on the international diplomacy and touristic map of the world
  • In 2014, Lebanon beat Germany in creating the most expensive soap made up of Gold and Diamond. This achievement sustained Lebanon a place in the Guinness world book records 2014

They are building an organic restaurant as well as a boutique hotel, a spa, and a retreat center. I will definitely be back for some more massages once the entire project is complete!



To stay updated, check out their website here!



On Tuesday August 9th, Beirut Fitness celebrated its 2nd anniversary, during a sunset gathering hosted by Praia Beach Resort –Zouk Mosbeh.

During the event, 2 travel tickets were awarded by Travel Bureau, as well as a personal training package from Le Gym by Robert Maalouf. The event was well attended by over 50 people including well-known social media influencers and traditional media representatives.  Guests enjoyed a tea tasting offered by Kusmi Tea and received goodie bags, which included coconut water from Power Goodness, and chocolates from Chocolove. The cake was provided by Dulce n Banana and Patrick Sawaya Photography and Beiruting covered the event. Printing courtesy of Future Graphics.


Beirut Fitness is all about building a community and getting like-minded people together and here we are celebrating the success of our 1st event 🙂

I look forward to more events and celebrations!

Check out all the pictures of the event, on our facebook page. Stay tuned for more blog posts regarded the event.




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A day in Nature with the Huawei Team


A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to attend a fun and adventurous day with the Huawei team at Nature Land, Bzebdine for the launching of the Huawei Y6 pro mobile.

The day first started with an introduction about Huawei followed by an overview about the Y6 Pro phone.  We then had an exciting day filled with activities such as hiking, zip lining, tree climbing, and more enjoying the outdoor.


Almost three weeks after the event, let me share with you my experience using the Y6 Pro. I’ve had an iPhone for the past 4 years and every time I consider changing phones I obviously stay in my comfort zone and buy the newer edition. I’ve always dreaded changing to android, as I thought it was going to be such a challenging change.

As soon as I was exposed to the Y6 Pro, the first thing that caught my attention is its AMAZING battery features! Not only does it stay charged for 2 days (while using it A LOT!) but it can also be used as a reverse charger (charging other phones). To me, battery quality is one of the most important features in the phone; besides the camera and picture quality. The back camera is 13 megapixels and the front camera is 5 megapixels. All in all, the system is super easy to use, the screen is wide and the colors are great. To add, the phone is super affordable, it costs below $200 – yes! You heard me – all these features for less than $200! Pretty awesome, right?

Captured with Huawei – Y6 Pro



Hammana Cherry Festival

In my family, Sundays are made for family day. We enjoyed a quick lunch after mass; went on road trips discovering new places or headed to the beach when the weather was warm.

So, last Sunday we woke up early and headed towards the Hammana Cherry Festival. I have always heard about Hammana’s cherries and yes they are juicy, large, and yummy.


The first time I had heard about this event was last year although this year was the 8th annual Cherry Day!

One of my mom and I’s favorite fruit is cherries so imagine the excitement of being able to pick each and every cherry from the tree and eat it right on the spot.


Kiosks including the traditional souk, art and crafts, kids section as well as souk el tayeb were present throughout the streets.

We had booked our cherry picking experience at 12:00 pm. The shuttle came on time to take us to the land. To my surprise, we arrived to a small garden filled with not only cherry trees but also black berry trees. My expectations were too high; I had imagined myself going to a huge paradise of cherry trees. However, reality was more modest and we took a tour of a private garden.

Family Time

Nevertheless, the owner of the land was super friendly. He taught us how to pick the cherries carefully without harming the trees and encouraged us to eat as much cherries as we possibly could.

With the owner of the land

For a few seconds I felt like a farmer, standing on the ladder placed inside the tree surrounded by so much greenery and lots and lots of fruit.

Next time the cherry festival takes place, make sure you take your kids on this unique experience of picking cherries and appreciating the beauty of nature!



Yaduna Cook off

Did you know that Heart disease is the number one killer of women? Well I did not know this fact up until Thursday.

Yaduna Women’s Heart Health Center is a medical center founded the former First Lady of Lebanon, HE Mrs. Wafaa Sleiman. It is dedicated for screening and preventing heart disease.


Although I am actively a part of an NGO; I believe that the world is connected and we live in a place where everything is interrelated and dependent; therefore helping people, supporting NGOs and spreading awareness is one of the simplest forms in which we can help one another.

So, you always hear people talking about a balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition is one of the fundamental factors that prevents not only heart disease but also many other diseases.


Therefore, Yaduna organized a very innovative event on June 2nd that involved a healthy cooking session held at Kitchen Lab – Gemmayzeh.

Lead by a chef, we were split into two teams. We cooked a full quick meal that was made up of a salad, 2 main dish (chicken and fish), and a light desert. After all the mess we made in the kitchen, we ended our fun activity by tasting our master pieces.



Love Light & F***ing Bright Yoga Retreat

On Saturday May 28, I attended the last day of the Love Light & F***ing bright yoga retreat organized by Trainstation Studio and lead by the beautiful international yoga teacher Dee. The retreat was a 3 day relaxing retreat held at Zenotel Wellness Retreat – Bekfaya.

The day first started with a morning Pranayama and Yin yoga class that I absolutely loved. It was my first time practicing this genre of yoga (I usually practice vinyasa yoga). The poses in yin yoga are usually held for longer periods of time so that the stretches are deep. The class was a gentle and slow class that focuses on stretches and breathing techniques.


Dee explained every movement in details first, showing us the posture and the variations available for making it more or less challenging as well as slowly guiding us throughout the flows. What I liked about the class is that Dee placed a lot of emphasis on posture and alignment and was concerned about every single person attending the class.

After the class, we had a ginger tea and fresh fruits break. The socializing time was followed by an intense and challenging “yang” style yoga class that is a part of the vinyasa flow. We explored arm balances, sun salutations, and inversions as well as Mantras and Mudras.

After the relaxing and challenging classes, the retreat ended with a vegetarian lunch at the hotel’s earth restaurant.


I can’t wait for Dee’s next workshop in Lebanon, check out Dee’s instagram page here to stay up to date!