Hammana Cherry Festival

In my family, Sundays are made for family day. We enjoyed a quick lunch after mass; went on road trips discovering new places or headed to the beach when the weather was warm.

So, last Sunday we woke up early and headed towards the Hammana Cherry Festival. I have always heard about Hammana’s cherries and yes they are juicy, large, and yummy.


The first time I had heard about this event was last year although this year was the 8th annual Cherry Day!

One of my mom and I’s favorite fruit is cherries so imagine the excitement of being able to pick each and every cherry from the tree and eat it right on the spot.


Kiosks including the traditional souk, art and crafts, kids section as well as souk el tayeb were present throughout the streets.

We had booked our cherry picking experience at 12:00 pm. The shuttle came on time to take us to the land. To my surprise, we arrived to a small garden filled with not only cherry trees but also black berry trees. My expectations were too high; I had imagined myself going to a huge paradise of cherry trees. However, reality was more modest and we took a tour of a private garden.

Family Time

Nevertheless, the owner of the land was super friendly. He taught us how to pick the cherries carefully without harming the trees and encouraged us to eat as much cherries as we possibly could.

With the owner of the land

For a few seconds I felt like a farmer, standing on the ladder placed inside the tree surrounded by so much greenery and lots and lots of fruit.

Next time the cherry festival takes place, make sure you take your kids on this unique experience of picking cherries and appreciating the beauty of nature!


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