Christine’s Favorite Outfits: yApparel

I’ve always had an inclination towards fashion…actually I think every woman just has it in her blood. Through the Beirut Fitness blog, people constantly ask me what my favorite active wear or sportswear brand is, and what brands I prefer over others.

Continuing my #FitnessFashionFriday posts that are posted regularly on Instagram giving fit fashion tips as well as outfit inspirations by brands of my choice; I have decided to start a series of “Christine’s Favorite Outfits”.

This series of blog posts will dive you deeper into my closet. It will introduce you to the brands I wear, what colors I prefer and how I style my outfits to always look fashionably fit.

Those who know me understand my love, appreciation, and addiction for leggings. In fact, I wear most of my workout clothes on day to day basis even when I am not working out. They are the perfect and most comfortable way to go to university, for running errands, and hanging out with friends.

I am a fan of colors…and specially printed leggings.

I will start off this series showing you some of my favorite outfits from yApparel.

yApparel is a yoga and fitness apparel store located in Dubai. I discovered them through Instagram and the best part is that they sell online and ship worldwide! They sell brands such as Brasil Fit, Tonic, Dharma bums and many more. The brands mentioned are the ones that I have tried. These outfits are made for yoga use primarily however, I feel very comfortable working out in them.

I’m not very picky when it comes to choosing what outfit to wear as in going to the active section or running section. As long as the fit is tight (showing the curves) and the legging/short is stretchy then I’m more than happy with that.

Check out my outfits below and don’t forget to check


Brand: Brasil Fit



Brand: Dharma Bums



Brand: Tonic

All photos are taken by my lovely and talented mother Jackie!

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