Chicken Quinoa Salad Recipe

I like my Quinoa salad simple yet flavorful. You can either cut the chicken into cubes and include it in the salad or cook the chicken breast as a whole and have it on the side with the quinoa salad.


1 cup of Quinoa                                                                     ½ chicken breast

½ avocado                                                                              Black Pepper

2 cucumbers                                                                          Paprika

2 spring onions                                                                     Cumin

Handful of dried cranberries                                            1 clove of Garlic

Handful of walnuts and/or almonds                               2 spoons of Teriyaki

1 small Lemon

1 spoon of olive oil




First of all, marinate the chicken. Whether you decide to make chicken cubes or cook the chicken breast as a whole, the seasoning I used is the same. Grate a clove of garlic. Add 2 spoons of teriyaki sauce, some salt, a dash of cumin, lots of black pepper and paprika to the chicken. When it comes to the spices I think it’s relative, so increase the dose of the spice that you prefer.

Keep the chicken in a bowl for it to soak in the marination. Then, place 1/2 cup of white quinoa with 1½ cup of water in a pan and cook for about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, peel and cut the 2 cucumbers and ½ the avocado into small cubes and place in a bowl. For those of you who like a touch of sweet with their food, add a handful of dried cranberries. Cut 2 spring onions into small pieces and add to the bowl.

While waiting for the quinoa to cool down, place pan spray vegetable oil on the pan so the chicken won’t stick and cook the chicken. Be careful, the outer layer of the chicken gets cooked easily so lower the intensity of the flame and let the chicken cook slowly.

Once the chicken is cooked, mix the quinoa with the ingredients that were chopped earlier. Add the chicken and some nuts such as almonds and walnuts to give a little texture to the salad. I’m not a vinegar person, my favorite dressing is lemon oil. So, squeeze a small lemon, add some salt, and finally a spoon of olive oil.


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