Unlocking adidas’s 8th Store in Lebanon

On Thursday March 17th, adidas opened its 8th branch located at ABC Ashrafieh, L1, near H&M. Aimee Sayah was the guest appearance and main figure of the event. Media figures, sports fans as well as Aimee’s fans were present. Throughout the event, random keys were distributed to the guests. These keys had a message writtenContinue reading “Unlocking adidas’s 8th Store in Lebanon”

More than “Just” Boxing

As Capricorns, we aim for perfection and one thing I can tell you about myself is, when I want something, I don’t stop till I get it. I believe that trying new things is what life is all about. The more you experiment the more you learn about yourself and what makes you happy. I haveContinue reading “More than “Just” Boxing”