Power Goodness NEW Ice Coconut Water with Watermelon

So, I’ve previously talked to you about Power Goodness’s yummy ice coconut water (Check out the blog post here) and most of you tried it since they were in the goodie bags distributed during #Beirutfitnessturns2 event a couple of weeks ago.


Power Goodness has lately launched a new flavor: Ice coconut water mixed with fresh watermelon. The combination sounds interesting and personally, I love fresh watermelon juice; it’s just super refreshing. In order to get into the mood even more, they sent me real coconut cups (shown above) that were super cute! I poored in some coconut watermelon water into the coconut and enjoyed sipping it slowly. The combination was good, a little sweet, but just as I expected.


Next time you need to cool down from the heat, go for a naturally sweet and refreshing drink. Try one of the flavors that Power Goodness Ice Coconut water offers!

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